Saturday, May 3, 2008

Battlegrounds 5/2/08

After we got the daily battleground out of the way we did some Warsong Gulch, Axeelina and me on Wranngar. Axeelina stayed for a couple battles, both were wins, then she had to go. I needed 13 WSG marks, or so I thought, so I stayed in and fought in 3 more battles, all wins. I had a good time in WSG today despite that fact I hate WSG. I got to run and capture the flag a few times. When I had the 30 WSG marks I thought I needed I headed to Champions Hall and found out that I only needed 20. Anyway I got Vindicator's Leather Bracers and a couple gems, Bold Ornate Ruby and Smooth Ornate Dawnstone to socket the bracer's and replace a cheap gem I had socketed. Now everything I have on Wranngar with the exception of Staff of Natural Fury are PvP rewards. I got Staff of Natural Fury as a drop from a fire elemental on the elemental plateau in Nagrand. We also did a battle in Arathi Basin but it was a loss. Heimdahl joined us for that one. After Axeelina logged off I went and did some more AV's. The Alliance had a pretty good day in AV today along with WSG. I was in a total of 9 AV's today, 6 wins, 3 losses. Alliance was running around 66% in AV tonight in the battles I was in. We won one of our battles on reinforcements and all the others we got by either rushing IBGY or FWGY, both were working well. The Alliance was working well together with a minimum of bickering in AV tonight.


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