Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yonezoe 5/22/08

I helped out Yonezoe with Wranngar today. The first thing we did was a run through Blackrock Depths, an instance. A friend Casandraa helped too and we had no problem. Yonezoe got a bunch of quests done and we had a pretty good time all in all. After that we went to Burning Steppes and she finished up some quests she had there, where she leveled up to 53, then we were off to Western Plaguelands. She only found a few quests in WPL but she got some more in Eastern Plaguelands. We worked on them for awhile then hearthed back to Shattrath so she could go to Honor Hold in Hellfire Peninsula and get training for her Jewelcrafting. Wranngar and Casandraa helped her run to Honor Hold as the area is over her level with everything being anywhere from 58-63 in level.


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