Thursday, May 22, 2008

Daily Battleground 5/22/08

Today's daily battleground was Arathi Basin. I did it on Wranngar with Axeelina. The Alliance was in pretty poor form today :(. It took 6 battles to get a win and the first 5 were really bad. There was no organization at all. We would go from a 4 cap to having no bases capped. People do not get the concept of defending, they claim a base and then they have to move on to the next one before it caps, leaving one if any to guard it. I left one battle (deserter), it was the 3rd time I have ever left a battle that I can remember. Anyway in the 6th battle we finally squeaked by with a win. The daily battleground pays 11g99s and 419 honor. Wranngar broke the 37,000 lifetime kill mark today so I was happy about that.


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