Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Battlegrounds 6/24/08

Arena Season 4 came out today so the season 2 stuff became available to buy with honor in Champions' Hall in Stormwind. I picked up Merciless Gladiator's Maul for Wranngar and had Major Agility (+35) put on it. Then I headed into the battleground to get more honor. Today's daily battleground was Warsong Gulch but I hate Warsong Gulch so I headed into Alterac Valley. I fought in 6 battles on Wranngar, we won 3 and lost 3. The groups were of varying quality, 2 of the 3 we lost we lost badly while one of the losses was really close, we were on Drek when the Horde killed Vann. In the 3 we won only one of them was close, the other 2 were massacres :). For the most part were rushed FWGY and the Relief Hut then capped towers and took down Drek for the win. In none of the battles, wins or losses did we get Galv first. I got some honor and a lot of kills out of it so I was happy. I will probably go back in a little later for more :).

Update: I went in for one more AV tonight which we won using the rush IBGY strat. That strat still seems to be working well along with the rush FWGY strat, but the key is everyone working together that really makes it happen. As long as everyone is working together towards a common goal we seem to be able to win without any problem.


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