Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Battlegrounds 6/25/08

Today's daily battleground was Eye of the Storm. I did it on Wranngar and we won the first one I was in. We started off capping DR, MT & FRR then we lost MT and got BET. We went and got MT back and that gave us a 4 cap, we ran the flag a few times and won 2000/57. I got 11g99s and 419 honor from this daily along with 3 Eye of the Storm Mark of Honor. After that I went and fought in 8 Alterac Valley battles on Wranngar. The Alliance was doing really good tonight for a change, we had 6 wins and 2 losses. For the most part we rushed FWGY while a few stayed back and took IBT and TP, then moved on to FWRH and the FW Towers. After we had those, or at least one of the FW Towers capped, we went in and took out Drek. In a couple we did get IBGY which only helps as that gives us a mid-point graveyard. The Horde tried to turtle in a few of them but we either ran right over them or won on reinforcements. In both our losses we lost because of a turtle and ran out of reinforcements, the Horde did not kill Vann in any of the battles I was in. In a couple of our wins we even got Galv first and still won, that is how on the Alliance was today. Of course due to Season 4 coming out and Season 2 becoming available in Champions Hall there were a lot of AFK in the battles, they are going to AFK their way to an upgrade I guess. Attached is a screen shot of the AFK in one battle, pretty much all the battles we like this. Blizzard says they are doing something about the AFK problem but you just know it is going to be really bad for the next couple months. At least we had groups good enough today to still win without them.


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