Friday, June 6, 2008

Daily Cooking - Wranngar 6/6/08

I only did the daily cooking on Wranngar today, I didn't get around to doing it on Gomorra yet. Maybe I will be able to get it done in the morning before the daily's roll over. Today the cooking was Revenge is Tasty. I had to fly over to Skettis and kill a Monstrous Kaliri to get a wing. I had to kill 3 before I got one to drop. Once I had that I flew back to Shattrath and cooked it up with 3 Warp Burger. That gave me Kaliri Stew. I handed that in and picked Crate of Meat for my reward. It had Chunk o' Basiliskx8, Clefthoof Meatx6 and a Hunting Knife in it, nothing good today. I also got 7d59s from the daily. No recipe :(.


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