Friday, June 6, 2008

Daily Fishing - Wranngar 6/6/08

I only did the daily fishing on Wranngar too today. I will definitely try to get that done on Gomorra before the daily's roll over. Today it was Crocolisks in the City. I had to go to Stormwind and catch a Baby Crocolisk in the canal. The story is people get them then flush them. It took me about 15 casts to get one today, usually it is only 3 or 4. When I had it I took it back to Old Man Barlo and turned it in. My Bag of Fishing Treasures contained 7g35s12c, Sharpened Fish Hookx5 and a Razor Sharp Fillet Knife, nothing too exciting. There are some good rewards to be had from the daily fishing quest so I am going to keep on it.


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