Monday, June 2, 2008

Daily Cooking Quest 6/2/08

I did the cooking quest on both Wranngar and Gomorra today. It was Soup for the Soul. I flew out to Nagrand on Wranngar to do Gaining the Advantage and I got the Clefthoof Meat I needed while doing that. I got enough meat for both Wranngar and Gomorra to do their daily cooking. I cooked it up in the cooking pot provided and turned it in. I picked Crate of Meat on both, I am going to pick that on both for this whole week and see if I get the recipes I am missing. In Wranngar's Crate of Meat I got: Talbuk Venisonx6, Warped Fleshx6 and a pair of Patchwork Gloves. Gomorra's Crate of Meat had: Serpent Fleshx3, Chunk o' Basiliskx3 and a Skinning Knife. No recipes today, better luck tomorrow. The daily cooking quest also pays 7g59s.


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