Monday, June 2, 2008

Wranngar Fishing 6/2/08

I did some fishing on Wranngar today above and beyond the daily fishing quest. I decided if I was going to level up I might as well make it profitable. I went in search of Golden Darter in Terokkar Forest. I went over by Allerian Stronghold to look and it is really easy to find schools of fish now that I can track them. I found quite a few schools of Golden Darter along with mixed schools that gave me some too. Altogether I got 46 Golden Darter. I made Golden Fish Sticks out of them and put 6 in the Guild Vault for anyone who needs them and put the other 2 stacks on the auction house for 35 gold a stack, I will have no problem selling those at that price, the next lowest price was 40 gold a stack. I also caught a Goldenscale Vendorfish which I sold to a vendor for 6 gold. I got Wranngar's fishing skill up to 330 today, only 45 more points to go.


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