Friday, June 13, 2008

Yonezoe - Nagrand 6/13/08

I helped Yonezoe with some quests in Nagrand today. I helped her with Wranngar. We did The Ring of Blood quests, finishing with The Final Challenge. She had 3 epic geared level 70's helping her, plus a level 66 Druid, so it went pretty smooth, smoothest Ring of Blood I have ever been involved in. We worked our way through the quests and when they were completed she picked Mogor's Anointing Club for her reward. During the Ring of Blood quest chain she leveled to 66 making her eligible for the Wanted: Durn the Hungerer quest. When we were done in Ring of Blood she went and got that quest and then set out to find him while everyone was still there. When we found him someone else had just attacked him so we pitched in and gave them a hand taking him down. Then we had to wait for him to respawn which didn't take too long. We took him down fast and easy after he respawned. I think that is about all the quests she will find in Nagrand so she will go back to Blades Edge where she started questing yesterday.


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