Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Battlegrounds 7/28/08

I only did battlegrounds today, I fought in 10 AV on Wranngar. We had 3 wins and 7 losses. There were only a few though that we did really bad in though, the rest were pretty close. A really big factor in our losses is the number of AFK per battle. There were at least 10 AFK in each battle I was in, sometimes more. It is pretty sad, at one point everyone in DB was marked as AFK, the AFK usually run into DB at the start and go to the graveyards so it looks like they are rezzing. The really sad part is when the Horde move into DB and there is no defense although there are a dozen people there. That pretty much sums up my night in the battleground. In the 3 wins we had we rushed FWGY then moved forward to FWRH while some went back and got TP & IBT. In one of the battles we even got Galv first and still won although Galv was tried first in a few of the losses too. We won one of the battles on resources and the Horde won at least 3 of theirs on resources.


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