Monday, July 28, 2008

Battlegrounds 7/27/08

I was in 11 battles today on Wranngar, 1 Arathi Basin which was my daily and 10 Alterac Valley. We won the first Arathi Basin I was in for my daily. We started out with a 3 cap, ST, LM and BS, then we got the farm and eventually, around 1,000 resources, the gold mine. When you have a 5 cap the resources tick off really quick and it was over fast. We held the Horde at their GY after we had the 5 cap.

In Alterac Valley the first one I was in was a win, we rushed FWGY, them moved on to FWRH and went back and got IBGY, TP and Galv. Once we had everything capped we went in and took down Drek. It was a good easy win and I hoped that was the way AV was going but I guess that was too much to hope for. The next battle we had we tried the same plan as the first and almost pulled it off but the Horde ended up killing Vann before we could get Drek down. We proceeded to lose the next 5 battles too. A couple of them we didn't get any farther than IBGY and were lucky to kill Galv for some honor. Then we won one using the same strat as the first battle, we rushed FWGY then moved forward and backwards getting the towers and GY's. Once we had 3 towers capped we took down Drek for the win. The last 2 we lost, there was a lot of fighting among the Alliance and a lot of AFK in all the battles I was in. The AFK problem is getting worse if anything despite the fact Blizzard says they are taking action against people that are going AFK in the battlegrounds. I saw a couple people in there today that I saw in there weeks ago, still AFK. In my opinion Blizzard is doing nothing about this problem.


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