Saturday, July 5, 2008

Battlegrounds 7/5/08

I am not sure what the daily battleground was today but I still had the daily for Alterac Valley in my quest log from the other day so I did that one. Even though the Alliance does poorly in AV a lot of the time it is still my favorite battleground. We were doing good today though, I fought in 5 battles on Wranngar, 4 wins and one loss. We won the first one I was in so I was able to get my daily out of the way straight off. After that I was fighting for fun, honor and kills. I broke the 40,000 lifetime kill mark a few days ago. The first battle we were in was pretty organized, we headed to FWGY and got that then moved forward and backward getting FWRH, IBT and TP. We then got the East and West Frostwolf Towers and took down Drek. Galv got taken out somewhere in there too so we got maximum honor for that win. Our other 3 wins followed pretty much the same plan and we won with good honor. I still need some more honor to upgrade some of my gear to the new stuff that became available for honor. In the battle we lost we just didn't have any teamwork going on. We had a lot of AFK in all the battles I was in, it is a real problem that Blizzard says it is working on but I can't see it when I see the same people in there AFK day after day, week after week. Anyway in the loss people went for Galv first then everyone stopped at IBGY to fight the Horde there. When the Horde are really defending IBGY you do not stop to fight them, you go past them to FWGY and take that then more into Frostwolf and get the Relief Hut and Towers. It really didn't look like these people had any idea what they were doing and I thought I had gotten out of the good time frame (I got into the battleground at 5AM ST) but then we won the next one easily. We had a lot of people in DB but when the Horde moved in it turned out they were all AFK and just got relocated to SFGY when they were killed. The Horde killed Vann on that one. We killed Drek in all of our wins which is how it should be because you get a lot of honor from killing him.


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