Sunday, July 6, 2008

Battlegrounds 7/6/08

I fought in a couple different battlegrounds on Wranngar today. The daily battleground was Arathi Basin and we won the first one I was in. We had a good group that could follow a simple plan which was get ST, GM, BS and LM then move on to the Farm in a group pushing the Horde back the whole time. We got ST, GM, BS and the LM without and problem but the Farm took a little bit of time but we did get it for the 5 cap. When you have 5 nodes capped the resources rack up pretty quick. It took us less than 5 minutes total to win this one 2000/140. For this daily I got 11g99s, 419 honor and 3 Arathi Basin Mark of Honor.

The other battleground I fought in was Alterac Valley. I was in 2 battles, one win and one loss. In the first battle which was our win we had a good group that worked together. The plan was to go to FWGY and take that then move forward and back to get FWRH, the East and West Towers, IBT and TP. We did that and also ended up getting SHGY, SFGY, IBGY and Galv. When we got to IBGY the Horde were waiting for us but we just ran right over them. The Horde had nothing, not one graveyard, not one node capped. Usually holding SHGY is a really bad move but we had a really good group and there was nothing the Horde could do. We could have beat them on resources but we also killed Drek for the extra honor. This was a high honor battle. The second battle we didn't do as well, we had a lot of AFK and you could tell right from that start that it was a different group and the quality of players was just not there. The AFK problem is really bad and they just ruin it for everyone else. People were not working together, nobody followed the plan and everyone stopped at IBGY to fight the Horde instead of moving on to FWGY or FWRH and it just fell apart from there. We had SFGY and a lot of people wasted a lot of time trying to get SHGY which is pretty much useless to us and keeps the Horde from rezzing in front of us when they have it. By the end of the battle we had IBGY capping, IBT capped, Galv dead and were in the process of capping TP when the Horde killed Vann.


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