Saturday, July 12, 2008

Daily's 7/12/08

I finally had a little time to get on today after work. I did some of my daily's on Wranngar and the daily fishing which was Felblood Fillet on both Wranngar and Gomorra. I also did the daily cooking on Wranngar which was Revenge is Tasty along with Gaining the Advantage.

The daily cooking had The Rokk (61,15) in Shattrath sending me over to Skettis to kill a Monstrous Kaliri for his wing. I got the wing I needed on the second kill. I flew back to Shattrath and cooked it up with some Warp Burgers to create Kaliri Stew. That done I turned it in and picked Barrel of Fish for my reward. That had 10 Figluster's Mudfish and a Fisherman Knife in it, nothing great there but I cooked up the fish and put it in the guild bank. I am doing this quest for the meat/fish now as I already have all the recipes available.

For the daily fishing I headed over to Shadowmoon Valley on Wranngar to my spot (40,59) by Wildhammer Stronghold. I got my Monstrous Felblood Snapper on the first cast and headed back to Old Man Barlo (40,59) at Silmyr Lake in Terokkar Forest to turn it in for my Bag of Fishing Treasures. I got 7g50s, 6 Sharpened Fish Hooks and 2 Motes of Water. Nothing great there either but a lot of good rewards still to be had. Then I got on Gomorra and headed to the Pools of Aggonar (39,37) in Hellfire Peninsula to catch his. He got his in 4 casts and headed back to Old Man Barlo to turn in for his Bag of Fishing Treasures. He got 6g52s66c, Spun Truesilver Fishing Line which does me no good as I already have it on my pole and it doesn't stack but I will save it in case I get a better pole, 4 Sharpened Fish Hooks and 3 Jaggal Pearls. Nothing great there but better than Wranngar got :).

I took Wranngar and headed over to Razorthorn Trail to do Gaining the Advanatge. I killed a bunch of Ravagers to get Nether Residue. I was getting a pretty bad drop rate so I am wondering if the Clefthoof are dropping well again, I will check that out tomorrow hopefully. I went back and turned that in for 16g39s and a Major Rejuvenation Potion.

I might log on later to do some battlegrounds, I still need some honor to upgrade my gear.


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