Sunday, July 13, 2008

Daily's 7/13/08

I did some of my daily's on Wranngar today. I did the daily fishing which was Shrimpin' Ain't Easy, the daily cooking which was Soup for the Soul as well as Gaining the Advantage and The Multiphase Survey. I tried to do the daily fishing on Gomorra but I was having video problems and was unable to finish. I need to figure out if they are related to my video card, driver or WoW.

Old Man Barlo (40,59) at Silmyr Lake in Terokkar Forest had me heading over to my spot at Umbrafen Lake (78,74) in Zangarmarsh to catch some Bloated Barbed Gill Trout to gut out for the Giant Freshwater Shrimp they eat. This is a really easy quest that takes no time at all. I got my 10 Giant Freshwater Shrimp in about 10 casts and headed back to Old Man Barlo to turn it in for my Bag of Fishing Treasures. I got 7g31s63c, 6 Sharpened Fish Hooks and 2 Jaggal Pearls. Nothing to write home about there.

The Rokk (61,15) in Shattrath sent me out to Nagrand to cook up some Spiritual Soup for the daily cooking quest. Before I could do that I needed to get some Clefthoof meat which I got doing Gaining the Advantage. Once I had that I cooked my soup at the Ancestral Grounds (25,59). When I turned this one in I picked Barrel of Fish for my reward and got 5 Golden Darter, 4 Spotted Feltail and a Ruined Fishing Net. Nothing to write home about there either but the Golden Darter were a nice reward :).

While I was in Nagrand doing the cooking quest I also did Gaining the Advantage and The Multiphase Survey. The Clefthoof weren't dropping the Nether Residue for me any better than the Ravagers were yesterday so it took me about 10 minutes to get the 8 I needed. The Multiphase Survey goes really quick and I had that done in a couple minutes. When I turned these in I got 16g39s and a Major Rejuvenation Potion for Gaining the Advantage and 9g10s for The Multiphase Survey. Not too bad for the amount of time they take.


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