Friday, August 1, 2008

AFK Reporting Add-on

I downloaded a great mod today for reporting AFK in the battlegrounds. It is called TuringTest AFK Reporter. It automatically reports the people that are AFK and also lets you know it reported them. It has other uses too, reports most damage, most healing, best defender and so on. I have tried it in a couple AV's and there were no problems I could see, it seemed pretty accurate. It doesn't report people just getting into the battleground either, I guess it gives them a little time to get out of the cave and do something. I highly recommend this to anyone who fights in a lot of battlegrounds and are as sick of the AFK problem as I am. For those of you who use WoWMatrix you can download TuringTest AFK Reporter right through there and there is also a download/install program available from the download website. I use WoWMatrix to keep track of all my add-ons and it is really handy to update, I update every Friday and it is a one button process with WoWMatrix. Both of these are free to download and use.

Update: I have used this in 7 AV's and I love it, no more taking time to report people AFK, it does it automatically and reports them again in a couple minutes if they are not marked inactive. I think if everyone had this add-on, AFK in battlegrounds would be a thing of the past :). Too bad Blizzard didn't take the initiative and just incorporate it into the game...


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