Friday, August 1, 2008

Battlegrounds 7/31/08

I fought in Eye of the Storm and Alterac Valley today on Wranngar. EoS was the daily battleground and we won the first two I was in and lost the last one. We won the first one by over 1,000 and the second one by over 1600 :). Then in the last one we got trashed, we only had one base and it was all we could do to hang onto it. In the first two we capped MT, FRR and DR then ran the flag while the Horde were trying to defend BET, we kept the pressure on them there to make sure they all stayed right there. In the second battle we capped MT, FRR and DR and ran the flag, eventually capping BET towards the end. In the third battle everything seemed to fall apart and we were only able to cap BET and it took all of us just to hang onto that, we got beat by quite a bit on that one. I got my 11g99s, 419 extra honor and 3 Eye of the Storm Mark of Honor from the daily.

In Alterac Valley we didn't do too good at all. I didn't realize it was AV holiday weekend or I would have thought twice before going in there. We did win the first one I was in but we lost the next 2. In the first one we had a Frostwolf pre-made in our group so they were a little more organized than a pug but not by much. I think it was a trade channel pre-made and sometimes those aren't any better than a pug but we did win although it was a close fight. We rushed FWGY while the pre-made took care of the towers and eventually moved into FW Keep and got the relief hut. When all the towers were burned we went in and took Drek down. The Horde were on Vann so it was close. In the last 2 you could really tell it was a holiday weekend, there were a lot of AFK and most of the people didn't have a clue what they were doing, the weekend warriors that only do battlegrounds on the holiday weekends and don't really do anything anyway, might as well be AFK. Anyway those 3 battles were all I could take.


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