Saturday, August 23, 2008

Battlegrounds 8/22/08

Today's daily battleground was Warsong Gulch, which I did on Wranngar. I got lucky and hit a good group in my first battle, we won that one and got my daily done. I ended up fighting in 7 battles in WSG altogether, 4 wins and 3 losses. I had some good groups and some bad groups. The worst one was the one that took 35 minutes to complete and we lost 2/3 at the end. There is just not enough honor involved to make a battle that long worthwhile. Anyway I got the 11g99s this daily pays plus the 419 extra honor and, of course, the 3 Warsong Gulch Mark of Honor for winning. I then fought in 3 AV's, all losses. It is AV's holiday weekend and the weekend warriors and AFKers were out in force. The new thing now is to take and hold SHGY for some reason which always results in a loss unless the Horde team is really, really bad which usually they are not. I made up a little saying that I post at the start if the battle but it doesn't seem to help, "Dick took SHGY, Dick cost the Alliance the battle, don't be a Dick, LEAVE SHGY ALONE!". I also fought in one AB which was a win. It was close and I thought we were going to lose all throughout the battle, everyone was so spread out, but somehow in the end we ended up with a 5 cap for the win. I write that one off to a really bad Horde group. That was all the time I had for battlegrounds.


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