Monday, September 29, 2008

Battlegrounds 9/29/08

Looks like I am back in battleground mode, it is all I have been doing the last couple days and I see no end in sight. This will slow down my leveling on Brieanna but once in a while you feel like doing some battlegrounds. I fought in 9 AV's on Wranngar tonight, 6 wins and 3 losses, the Alliance was doing good for a change. We won two battles by reinforcements and the rest by killing Drek. We had some pretty good battles and some good groups. There was not too much (In Team) fighting going on except one battle I got in late. We ended up losing that one, I think it makes a difference on overall morale when there is a lot of fighting and bickering going on. I am happy to say there was not a single battle I was in where anyone took and held SHGY so that is a step in the right direction. For the most part we rushed FW Keep in the battles we won. A few of them we hit IBT and IBGY at the same time and got them both capping, then with the Horde unable to rez at IBGY we were able to get TP capping. We had one battle, the next to last one I was in, where EVERYONE rushed FW Keep and we didn't have IBT or TP. We had some good defense going in that one though and they kept the Horde out of Dun Baldar. Eventually we went back and capped IBT and TP then got Galv. With 25 reinforcements remaining on the Horde's board we took down Drek for maximum honor which I, unfortunately, don't get anymore. We had one battle with someone in it that was insisting that we take out Drek with 3 towers up. They don't know the importance of the towers. Each tower represents an Elite Warmaster in with Drek and +25% health to Drek in addition to the 2 Elite Frost Wolves with him. So with 3 towers up Drek was at 175% health and he had 3 Warmasters and 2 Frost Wolves with him. It wasn't going to happen. For the most part we had really good groups and really good teamwork going on today and it showed in the wins.


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