Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Battlegrounds 9/30 &10/1

I only did a few battlegrounds on Wranngar yesterday. I ended up doing 3 AV's, 2 wins and one loss. The Alliance were doing pretty good and even the loss was close. Unfortunately no such luck tonight. I fought in 7 AV's, 2 wins and 5 losses. The ones we won we had a good group of people who knew what they were doing. The ones that we lost were pretty bad, we had bad groups and a lot of AFK in all of them except one which was close. In the first win we rushed Galv, which I usually don't approve of, then went as a group and got a good grip on IBT. From there we took IBGY then moved on to TP. IBGY used to be a really important GY and still is in my opinion. A lot of groups want to bypass it and go right to FWGY and that works too so it is a hard call. I always like to see a group that goes for IBGY after IBT starts capping. Of course this is based on having a good group. If you have a bad group, and it is usually obvious in the first few minutes, then your best bet is to try and get Galv for his 63 honor. It is better than no honor. But I digress, we got IBGY and TP then moved up to FWGY while they were capping. We had a bit of a fight at FWGY, the Horde were defending it pretty well but we got it capping and moved into the Keep. We got the relief hut and towers without much trouble, the horde couldn't get into DB because they had too many on defense and I think they were giving up at that point. Once everything capped we took Drek down for the win. In the second battle we won, we rushed FWGY and got that started then moved into Frostwolf Keep and cleaned that out. That took a little while as there were a lot of Horde on defense. Eventually we had both towers and FWRH capping as well as all the Horde cleaned out and things were looking good. Others had come behind and got IBT and TP capping then took Galv. Once the East and West towers capped we moved in and took out Drek for the win. As far as the losses go they were pretty much turtles, people died in the first rush and didn't leave DB again. I also fought in 5 Eye of the Storm battles tonight. We had 3 wins and 2 losses so it would seem we were doing a little better in there but we weren't, we usually own EoS. We did have one battle where the 2 teams were pretty evenly matched. That one went on for 35 minutes which is a really long battle for EoS. We both crept from 1 to around 1800 points before we took and held the flag, ran it up to 1910 then capped for the win. It was a long intense battle, constant action. In one other one we had a 4 cap going for almost a minute. That battle was a win and not even close, they just happened to lose the one tower they were holding for a minute.


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