Thursday, October 2, 2008

Battlegrounds 10/2/08

The Alliance was having a pretty bad night in the battlegrounds tonight. I fought in a total of 7 battles tonight on Wranngar, 5 in EoS which was the daily, 2 wins and 3 losses and 2 AV's, 1 win, 1 loss. I don't know why the Alliance is having such a hard time in EoS lately, we used to do really well in there. In our 3 losses we were lucky to hold 1 tower and actually rezz'd on the rock one time because we even lost that. It was sad. In the 2 we won we had a 3 cap the whole time and were running the flag. The Horde never got over 800 in those 2. There were just really bad groups of people who either didn't know how to play EoS or didn't want to play. There were quite a few AFK too, I wonder if it is EoS weekend, that would explain a lot. In AV we had one good group and one bad group. In the one we won we had plenty of time left to get Galv and TP for the extra honor, which I pointed out, but everyone was in a hurry and downed Drek with Galv still alive and TP still up so they lost honor and bonus honor. I don't care anymore, I am just in it for the kills. The loss was a bad group and turned into a turtle for the most part, everyone was hanging around in DB, most of them AFK. The Horde killed Vann in that one. I got the daily done today on the first battle, it was EoS. I got the 11g99s this daily pays and that was about it lol.


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