Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brieanna 9/22/08

I did some more questing in Stranglethorn Vale and got Brieanna to level 34. My next goal is to get her to 35 so I can continue my cooking and first aid. I will do first aid first and within an hour of completing the quest I will get my skill to 375, I have all the cloth in the bank just waiting. All I will need to do when I hit 300 is go to Temple of Telhmat in Hellfire Penninsula and get the book that will take me from 300 to 375. After that I will head down to Tanaris and do the cooking quest, that will enable me to get to 300 then I will have to buy the book in Honor Hold to get to 375. All my quests in STV are orange and red so I might have to go somewhere else to quest.


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