Thursday, September 25, 2008

Brieanna 9/24/08

I got Brieanna to level 35 tonight. That opened up a couple doors. I got my first aid up to 375 and my cooking up to 293. I can also get the fishing quest when I hit 225 fishing skill. I leveled to 35 in Theramore which is where you take the first aid quest/test to learn first aid to 300. I took the quest/test and completed it on the first try. You have to save 15 soldiers before 6 die. They range from injured to badly injured to critically injured. Obviously you have to tend to the critically injured ones first while the injured ones can hang on a little longer. I think I had only 3 die by the time I healed 15. Once I had the skill to take me to 300 I logged over to my cloth bank and sent the cloth I needed, logged back over, and made some bandages. When I hit 300 I logged onto Gomorra and went to the Temple of Telhmat in Hellfire Peninsula to get the books to take Brieanna to 300. When I got there a 70 Rogue was attacking the place. I landed and he was standing there laughing at me so I killed him. I don't think that was the outcome he was looking for :). Anyway I got the books, sent them, then logged back to Brieanna and leveled to 375. I am glad that's out of the way and I don't have to worry about leveling it up anymore. I would like to get her cooking to 375 too, that would be very helpful while leveling.


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