Sunday, September 28, 2008

Instances 9/27/08

I did some instances tonight on Brieanna, Wranngar and Gomorra. The first one I did was on Brieanna and it was SM Armory. I went in with a group of 4 other people and we didn't really have any problems at all. I didn't have the quests for there yet but the XP was good. After that I had to AFK for awhile and when I got back 2 of the people I had been grouped with were still trying to run the SM Library but everyone had left group except them. I logged over to Wranngar and ran them through there. After I finished that up I saw someone in LFG looking for help with the Epic Warlock mount quest, the Dreadsteed, in Dire Maul. I logged over to Gomorra and gave them a hand with that. We had a pretty good group going there too even though there were only 4 of us to start out. We picked up a 5th for the end where we fight all the demons and that is where you really need a full group. We were able to complete that and they got their Dreadsteed. All in all not a bad night.


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