Sunday, October 19, 2008

Battlegrounds 10/14/08 - 10/19/08

I haven't been doing too many battlegrounds lately, I haven't really had a whole lot of time to play or update this blog. In the last 5 days I fought in 35 battlegrounds. I can remember a time when I would do that many in a weekend. I should have more time soon though. I did them all on Wranngar. The Alliance hasn't been doing too hot in the battlegrounds lately so there really isn't much to say. There is still a lot of AFK going on and a lot of stupidity in AV surrounding SHGY. I don't know what it is with that graveyard but it has cost us more battles. Since the new changes it is easier to take down Drek and Vann though, it can be done pretty easily with 2 towers up so they must have nerfed that too. The game is a lot easier to play now than when I first started, I guess Blizzard is worried people might find it too hard to level so they made it easier. Any I will try to start updating this blog on a daily basis again going forward. Something they added as part of the new expansion are Achievements. I am not too sure what the points you get will be used for but one of them is a title for the battlegrounds. For 100,000 lifetime kills you get "of the Alliance" added after your name. Needless to say I am going for that one. I currently have 54,000+ lifetime kills.


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