Sunday, October 19, 2008

Headless Horseman 10/18/08

Hallows End is upon us. One of the activities of this is the Headless Horseman. He is located in the Graveyard inside Scarlet Monastary. There is a quest I had to do in Goldshire on Wranngar so I could get the quest to go get the head of the Headless Horseman. Once I had that quest done I just hung around in Stormwind, which is a different place now that they applied the patch for Wrath of the Litch King, and watched trade chat until I saw someone looking for a dps for the Headless Horseman. When I had a group I headed up to Scarlet Monastary. No one in the group I was in had done the quest that day and the first time you do it you can do it twice. There were 2 of us that hadn't done it yet so we did it a total of 7 times. He has a chance to drop his mount which is very similiar to the war horse you can get in Kazharan but it didn't drop for our group. All in all it was pretty easy and we had no deaths. When Blizzard put in the new patch they added some new talents to the talent tree which caused them to refund everyones talent points. I was still trying to get my spec right so I was not 100% but that was ok, I spec for the battlegrounds anyway. There are a lot of new additions to the game already present for the next expansion, Wrath of the Litch King one of which is Stormwind Harbor. Now when you take the boat from Darnassus it doesn't take you to Wetlands, it takes you to Stormwind. They also added inscriptions and glyphs but I have not looked into them yet.


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