Monday, October 13, 2008

Battlegrounds 10/13/08

Not a good night for the Alliance in AV tonight. AV was the daily today and I did it on Wranngar. It took 4 battles to get a win so I could complete the daily and it was the last win I saw. I fought in 14 battles, 1 win and 13 losses. I am not sure what was going on tonight, if I was just getting bad groups or what but it was some of the saddest playing I have ever seen. I am not going to go into detail except to say that someone asked if you get your honor as soon as you earn it now. The answer to that is yes, it has been like that for 6 months or more so that tells you how much battleground experience they have. Maybe they waited until 70 to do battlegrounds. I only had 257 lifetime kills on Wranngar when I hit level 70 but I had a lot of experience from playing Gomorra in the battlegrounds. And yes, when I started on Gomorra I was just as green as they are lol. I guess it is too easy to be critical. Anyway the groups and players were really bad so I just tried to come out on the top of the damage/kill list. I am always in the top 10 and usually in the top 5 in AV.


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