Monday, October 13, 2008

Instances 10/11/08

I helped a guildy, Arkantose, out tonight on Wranngar to get his level 60 Epic Paladin mount. To do that we had to go into Stratholme to get some holy water, from there, after he turned in and got the next quest, we went into Dire Maul West and killed the big tree in there. From there we had to go into Scholomance for the last part of the quest chain. In Scholo we had to summon and defeat a Deathknight to complete the chain at which time he received his mount. It took about half the night but was a lot of fun. Any of the old 60 instances are a lot of fun when you are 70 :). He was lucky, he got his right at 60, Gomorra didn't do his Dreadsteed (Warlock Epic Mount) quest until he was level 70, I just got the Reins of the Black War Tiger from the battlegrounds for him at level 62. I only did the Dreadsteed quest to have it because, as a Warlock, I should. I don't ride it much, I prefer the Tiger. For Wranngar it was a lot easier, his level 60 racial mount is also a tiger and I just went and bought one.


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