Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Battlegrounds 10/21/08

I have tried to do 2 battlegrounds on Wranngar tonight, AB which is the daily and EoS. In both of them I was able to get in then nothing happens. You just sit there and wait. I had to exit out of both of them which resulted in me getting the deserter debuff. I am not happy about that at all as I never leave a battleground before it has ended. This is just another epic failure on Blizzards part. I will do my Shattered Sun dailys and see if I can do my daily battleground after that. I have a ticket in for all the good that will do....

Update: I finally was able to do my daily battleground about 3 hours later. As I said it was Arathi Basin. We won the second one I was in but it was close, too close. We had 3 nodes and all we had to do was defend them but the Alliance can't do that, they have to leave 1, or none, at a node and go in ones or twos and try to get another. Needless to say nodes changed hands quite a few times. I am looking into changing servers on Wranngar to get into a better battlegroup, I think any other one is better than Bloodlust.


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