Saturday, October 25, 2008

Battlegrounds 10/25/08

I only had time to do a few battlegrounds tonight. The daily was Warsong Gulch which we won on the second battle I was in. I also did 2 AV's, one win and one loss. I did them on Wranngar. I got in the first WSG after the start. The score was 0/2. It was a pretty poorly coordinated group and we never did capture a flag before the Horde won it 0/3. In the second battle we did a lot better although I saw some people from the first group in there. They must have been the better ones from that group. We won the second one 3/0 and I captured the last flag for the win. In AV the first battle I was in we barely won by taking down Drek, it was close. The reason it was close after we had such a good start was someone took SHGY and held it. Same stupid mistake that is made all too often. In the second battle the same stupid mistake (SHGY) was made and this time it cost us the battle, we got Galv and 2 towers, that was it. We were moving along pretty well until someone took SHGY then ALL the Horde rezzed at FWGY and came back and took everything we were capping. After that is was just a long hard loss. I am really looking to get Wranngar out of this battlegroup and into a better one.


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