Sunday, October 26, 2008

Battlegrounds 10/26/08

I fought in 5 battlegrounds on Wranngar tonight, 3 wins and 2 losses. The first one I did was Warsong Gulch which was my daily. We won the first one I was in. We had 2 pretty well matched groups in there, it was a 45 minute WSG which is pretty long for WSG. Neither side seemed to be able to make any headway. The Horde captured the first flag, then we took over. We ended up winning that one 3/1. After that I did an AV. I don't know why I waste my time in there. We were doing great, had IBT, IBGY, TP and FWGY capping then some idiot decided to cap SHGY. After that is was just a long hard loss. All the Horde started rezzing at FWRH, their only GY, and came through and took FWGY, then TP, IBGY and IBT. I don't know why people keep capping SHGY but it costs us the battle almost every time they do it..... I was so disgusted after that I decided to do some Eye of the Storm. The first battle I was in we had a really good group and held 3 towers throughout while running the flag. We won that one by over 1,000 points. The second group I was in was ok, not great though, and we held 2 towers throughout and ran the flag a lot, we won that one. The last group I was in was pretty poor. They were all over the place, way too many going for the flag which the couldn't seem to get anyway, and not trying for a third node. We ended up losing one of the nodes we had so we finished up with one node about 1,400 points behind the Horde. I can't wait until the expansion comes out to fight in the new PvP areas they have. I also want to get Wranngar out of this battlegroup and into another one.


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