Monday, October 27, 2008

Battlegrounds 10/27/08

I only did 4 battlegrounds on Wranngar tonight. I did 3 Arathi Basin which was my daily and one Alterac Valley. The first 2 AB's I was in were losses but I got into them towards the end so they went quick. In the third one we got a 4 cap going and kept it throughout the entire battle. I capped the Gold Mine and then stayed to defend it. It was one of the places that got hit a few times. At one point I had 2 at once, a shadow priest and a warrior. I killed the squishy first then killed the warrior. I called incoming but nobody came. I was pretty buffed up and my attack power was over 4600 in cat form so I was killing left and right. I had no deaths and finished 4th on the list for killing blows even though I was defense not offense. In the AV I was in I got in right at the start. It went pretty smooth, I helped defend IBT, a small group took out Galv, and we got IBGY and TP. We moved on to FWGY while those were capping and then got FWRH started. We had SFGY and at that point someone took SHGY..... It didn't matter though because we had the East and West Frostwolf Towers capping and the Horde were rezzing in their cave because they didn't have a GY capped. We capped E & W Towers then took down Drek for the win. One of the better AV's I have been in lately. Still looking for a good battlegroup to get Wranngar into.


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