Sunday, November 2, 2008

Battlegrounds 11/1/08

I hadn't played in a few days so I was happy to see that Alterac Valley was the daily when I did log on again. It took awhile to win one though. As usual I fought on Wranngar. I am not going to go into a lot of detail except to say SHGY played a major role in ALL our losses. I kept playing though, farming kills and all of a sudden the quality of people changed. It was a quick transformation, we went from losing groups that were lucky to get over 100 honor to groups that were doing the Blitz Achievement. The Blitz Achievemant is win an AV in 6 minutes or less. We got that one by rushing Drek right from the cave. There were a few players with full T6 gear and with a couple healers so there was no problem taking down Drek. No one took SHGY in those battles either, it was incredible :). There is one instance where you can take SHGY without too much repercussion. That is when we have all the GY's except SHGY. That causes the Horde to rez in their cave and we seem to have no problem winning at that point. I am still collecting honor to make up for the 55,000 I spent. I am back up to around 45,000, 30,000 to go.


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