Sunday, November 2, 2008

Battlegrounds 11/2/08

Today's daily battleground was Arathi Basin. I fought in 7 battles on Wranngar before we finally got a win. I had some pretty bad groups but the last 2 were pretty good. We were very evenly matched in the next to the last group, they won 1990/2000. That got them an Achievement too, winning an AB by 10 points :(. In the last group we were doing good, we had a 3 cap almost all the time, a 4 cap most the time and a 5 cap for a minute or two. We won that one by over 1,000 points but no Achievement in that. I am still happy I got the Blitz done in AV yesterday. I thought that one would take foever. I also fought in one losing AV tonight. We weren't doing too bad in it but the Horde got Vann down before we could get Drek down. We got Galv in that one too so we got some pretty good honor anyway. I have over 55,000 kills now, less than 45,000 to go for my title.


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