Monday, November 3, 2008

Battlegrounds 11/3/08

I fought in 3 Arathi Basin battles tonight on Wranngar. It was my daily again and it took 3 to finally get a win. Not as bad as last night but not great. The first battle I got into was already in progress. I thought we were going to win that one for a little while until I realized the fact we had 3 nodes when I came in was pure luck. After watching the other players perform I knew we were going to lose. It wasn't that they were playing poorly, they just weren't thinking, an all too common problem for the Alliance. They were leaving nodes with one person to guard it if they left any at all. I saw a few occasions where there was no one at a node. They were constantly on the move trying to get another base, leaving the ones they had poorly guarded, and the Horde were coming along and taking them. The next one really wasn't any better. I got in that one at the start and we were doing ok for a little while then it was back to one or none at a node and half way through the battle the majority of our team was at the Stables trying to get that back. Rational thinking would dictate if the majority of the Horde are there then there are some Horde bases left pretty much empty. No one could be torn away from the Stables though and we lost that one too. In the last battle I was in we actually had a 5 cap going on for a minute then we held 3 and had a 4th on and off. We won that one by about 600 points. Anyway I got my daily battleground done.


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