Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wrangar 11/22/08

I played both Wrangar and Wranngar for a little bit today. I got Wrangar to level 60 but Wranngar is still at level 70. I did some questing on Wrangar in Hellfire Peninsula then went to Ebon Hold to train when I hit 60. I am still finding this DeathKnight pretty easy to play. It has so many things that give you health back that I come out of most fights with full health and I can come out of a fight with 3 mobs a couple to a few levels higher than me with very little health loss when it is all over. It was also World of Warcrafts 4th anniversary and they gave everyone a Blizzard Bear pet. I made sure I logged into all my toons and got it out of the mail. It is a little baby white bear. It is the first pet I have on my DeathKnight. I am finding questing on Wranngar to be boring so I have been spending most of my time questing on Wrangar.


Benjamin said...

Can you tell me 10 reasons why my parents should let me get W.O.W
they wont let me get it my email is

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