Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wrangar 11/21/08

I didn't play too long tonight, I was pretty tired. I did get Wrangar half way through level 59 though. It seems to be leveling pretty quick. I was killing mobs 3 levels higher than me with ease. I saw a Horde DeathKnight flagged in Hellfire Peninsula but still don't think I am good enough to fight other people yet so I didn't attack him. I only did a few quests to get my half level. Leveling in Hellfire is pretty quick if I remember correctly from my other toons. I have this weekend off and it is supposed to be really cold here so I will probably be inside the whole time with a lot of time to play. I hope to get Wrangar to 65+ and Wranngar to level 72 at least.


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