Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wrangar 11/19/08

I played Wrangar, my DeathKinght, for about an hour and a half tonight and got him to level 59. I was questing in Hellfire Peninsula and it went pretty good for the most part. I got to 59 there and went to Shattrath to get a Heartstone from the Innkeeper at Aldor Rise so I could set that as home. I went back to Ebon Hold and got training and changed the runes on my sword, thinking the whole time I could take that portal to Stormwind. Funny story, the portal was only there for the quest. I flew back to Stormwind and then went to Darnassus because I was going to do some battlegrounds with him but then decided not too. I haven't been playing it long enough and don't think I am good enough with it to hit the battlegrounds yet. Besides I want to get both Wrangar and Wranngar to level 80. I expected to get on early and get a couple levels yesterday but ended up not getting on at all. Tomorrow I might have another chance to get on early and, hopefully, get a couple more levels.


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