Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wrangar 12/09/08

I played my Deathknight Wrangar for awhile today and got him to level 65. I made a Death Gate and went to Ebon Hold to get my training done. He is making pretty good progress. I am questing in Nagrand and seem to be able to get quite a few quests so I am going with it. When I get to 66 I will see if I can start in Blades edge. Keeping all the quests yellow and orange gives me a lot of XP and they are still usually soloable. I would rather quest alone than in a group, less squabbling and you never have to wait for anyone. I think I will work on my Herbalism and maybe fishing tomorrow. Cooking too. That way I won't use up any of my rested XP and can build it up. My skinning is still at 425 because I didn't really have any quests that called for killing anything I could skin. I skinned anything that someone left and looted and a couple things that attacked me but I didn't get a level out of it.


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