Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wrangar 12/17/08

I played Wrangar tonight and got him to level 66. I was questing in Blades Edge at the time. As soon as I hit 66 I made a Death Gate and took it back to Ebon Hold for my training. After that was done I went back to questing. In Nagrand, before I headed to Blades Edge to see if I could get any quests, I rescued Corki for the second time. He keeps wandering off and getting captured by the Ogres then his father puts up some kind of reward for his return. I think they should just break his legs, that would keep him closer to home. I think I have one, maybe two, more rescues to go for him. Anyway questing in Blades Edge should give me good XP. I rode from there to Toshley's Station and got the flight path, Evergrove and got that flight path then over to Area 51 and got that one too. I was going to leave it at that but decided to see if I could make it to The Stormspire. I made it no problem, got attacked by a level 69 lion but took him down without any trouble, and got the flight point there too. I should be all set now on flight points as I move along. I only have about half of 67 rested so I will go back on Wranngar and let Wrangar rest up some.


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