Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gomorra 3/15/09

I did some questing on Gomorra today. I thought I would get to level 71 today but I didn't quite make it. When I went to fly out of Dalaran I only had 60 silver on me and couldn't even get a flight. I sold some of the items I made and got around 19 gold. From there I flew over to the Harbor then headed out into Borean Tundra to quest. I did a bunch of quests there including some for The Kalu'ak. I am already half way through friendly with them and have a daily but I am not high enough level to get the other daily's yet. The daily I am doing is Preparing for the Worst. Maybe I can pick up another one tomorrow when I hit 71. I am also thinking about switching Gomorra from Enchanting to Skinning as one of his professions. I already have Skinning on Wranngar and Wrangar but it is a money maker and I can always use the leather on Wranngar for leatherworking. I already got a couple items that are as nice if not a little nicer than what I currently have. I will work on Gomorra some more tomorrow. Instead of just hanging around on Wranngar, and when I don't feel like doing battlegrounds, I will work on Gomorra. I have been bored and not spending as much time playing lately, maybe this is what I need. I had a pretty good time getting used to Gomorra again tonight.


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