Monday, March 16, 2009

Gomorra 3/16/09

I didn't get Gomorra to 71 today. I did drop enchanting though and took up skinning instead. I worked on my skinning for the rest of the day except when I was doing my daily's on Wranngar. I started skinning in Elwynn Forest and worked my way over to the Redridge Mountains. From there I headed over to Duskwood and worked my skill up there. Once I hit 200 I went back for more training for the second time then headed over to Refuge Point in the Arathi Highlands. I skinned there until I got one that didn't give me a point then I headed over to Swamp of Sorrows and killed stuff there until I stopped getting points. My last stop was Blasted Lands and that got me to 300.

I headed over to the Dark Portal and went through into the Outlands then caught a flight to Shattrath. I went and saw the skinning trainer and got training that would take me to 375. I headed back to Hellfire Peninsula to kill and skin Hell Boars. I worked my way from one end of Hellfire Peninsula to the other killing and skinning. Once I was done there I headed over to Nagrand and killed Clefthoofs and Talbuks. That took me to 375 so I headed back to Shattrath and took the portal to Stormwind so I could take the boat to North Rend.

When I got to North Rend I headed right over to the Grand Master Skinning Trainer and got my training. Now I can level my skill to 450. This is going to come in real handy leveling Wranngar's Leatherworking and will also make some nice money on the auction house. I can always drop it later if I want to for something else but I think I will keep it for awhile and see what kind of gold I can make with it.

I did my daily for The Kalu'ak today. It only took me a few minutes and gives 550 rep. It only pays 5 gold but I am not in it for the gold, I am in it for the reputation so I can buy the Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole from them.


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