Friday, April 3, 2009

Cold Weather Flying 4/3/09

I got Gomorra to level 77 tonight and got my Cold Weather Flying Training. As soon as I turned 77 I headed over to see Pilot Vic at River's Heart. He taught me cold weather flying just like he taught Wranngar before me when he leveled to 77 in Sholazar Basin. It cost me 1,000 gold. Gomorra only had around 900 gold on him so I logged over to Wranngar and sent another 200. That left Gomorra with a little spending gold after paying for Cold Weather Flying Training. Being able to fly will make questing so much easier and allow me to do the quests that require flying.

I did some quests in Sholazar Basin for the Frenzyheart Tribe. It was kind of weird because I was building up reputation with them, got to honored, then they gave me a quest to go get an injured Oracle and bring him back for questioning. I found him down by the river, where they said he would be, and when I clicked on him a giant gator attacked us. I killed the gator and the Shaman from the Frenzyheart Tribe, the guy who gave me the quest to begin with, jumps out of the bushes and calls me a traitor, says he saw me helping the Oracle and "they will get me for this!". My reputation went from honored to hated in a second.

Meanwhile the Oracle I saved from the giant gator tells me this is great, I can be their friend and do quests for them, so I headed over to their tribe and did some quests for them. I was mostly interested in getting the XP so I could level to 77 and get my Cold Weather Flying Training.

I did the daily cooking today on both Gomorra and Wranngar after I leveled Gomorra to 77. It was Infused Mushroom Meatloaf again so I headed down into the sewers to pick some Infused Mushrooms. Once I had the 4 I needed on each I cooked them up with some Chilled Meat and delivered it to Orton Bennet at Curiosities and Moore. He gave Gomorra 9g93s, a Small Spice Bag with 4 Northern Spices and 5 Baby Spice in it, and a Dalaran Cooking Award. Not a bad haul but another Dalaran Cooking Award would have been nice :). I can't complain though, I have had quite a few 2 award days on Gomorra. When Wranngar got paid, he got a Dalaran Cooking Award , 9g93s and a Small Spice Bag with 2 Northern Spices in it. Wranngar kind of got screwed on this one today. You take the good with the bad though, lol. I took Wranngar's award and bought 10 more Northern Spices for the guild bank. Gomorra cooked up some of the meat in the bank, he has been contributing a lot of meat lately, and got his cooking skill up to 417. I only have 3 recipes I can level my skill off of and they are all green. The guild bank is starting to get pretty well stocked up :).


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