Saturday, April 4, 2009

Farming Iceweb Spider Silk 4/4/09

I farmed up a bunch of Iceweb Spider Silk on Gomorra tonight. I did some questing in Sholazar Basin first, then I headed over to Zul'Drak to farm spider silk. I grabbed the quests that were there concerning killing the spiders and some bats. I was farming them at 38,55 from Trapdoor Crawlers and getting a decent drop rate. I had to kill 73 Trapdoor Crawlers to get 20 Iceweb Spider Silk. I headed over to K3 in the Storm Peaks after that because I saw a few quests there when I was flying through. One of those quests got me 5 more Iceweb Spider Silk :). Gomorra needs them for his Tailoring which I leveled to 435 tonight so I could get the level 435 tailoring recipes. I made my first piece of 80 gear, Frostmoon Pants, they will hold me over until I can get or make an epic to replace them. I had to fly to Dragonblight to the Emerald Dragonshrine to make a piece of Moonshroud so I could make them. I can only make one piece of Moonshroud at a time because I am a Shadoweave tailor. If I was a Mooncloth tailor I would be able to make 2 at a time. As it is I can make 2 pieces of Ebonweave at a time being a Shadoweave tailor.

With all the farming and questing Gomorra is over half way through level 77 and all the rest of the level is rested. I expect to be at least half way through level 78 on him tomorrow. I am getting close now :). I have been making between 200-300 gold a day questing, when I just quest, on Gomorra which is going to come in handy when I have to gear him.

I did the daily cooking in Dalaran on both Wranngar and Gomorra today. It was Mustard Dogs! so I was running all over the city looking for Wild Mustard to pick. I found a couple other spots today where it spawns. Well I know it spawns in all the grassy areas in Dalaran but I finally checked out a couple other locations and all in all it went pretty quick getting the 4 I needed on each. Once I had those I got 4 pieces of Rhino Meat for each of them out of the guild bank to make Rhino Dogs. When I had all the Rhino Dogs made I cooked them up with the Wild Mustard and delivered it to Archmage Pentarus at Krasus' Landing. He is always so happy to see me :). He gave Wranngar 2 Dalaran Cooking Awards, 9g93s and a Small Spice Bag with 4 Northern Spices in it. A good haul for Wranngar today. I ran right out and spent the 2 awards on 20 more Northern Spices for the guild bank. Gomorra got 2 Dalaran Cooking Awards, a Small Spice Bag with 3 Northern Spices in it and 9g93s. With the Dalaran Cooking Award I had from yesterday I was able to buy Recipe: Very Burnt Worg. I cooked up a few of them for the guild bank.

I only did one other daily on Wranngar and that was Overstock in the Storm Peaks. This is a fast easy quest that pays around 13 gold for a couple minutes work. I try to do it every day but skipped it the last couple days in favor of leveling Gomorra to 77 so he could get his Cold Weather Flying Training. I will try to start doing my daily's for The Sons of Hodir and the Knights of the Ebon Blade tomorrow. I will if I have time but right now getting Gomorra to 80 is a little more important.


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Do you have any information about inscrition? Is this a good one?

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You can find information about inscription here and here I hope this helps.


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