Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Alterac Valley Strategy Macro

Here is a battle plan someone was posting in AV using a Macro. I copied the text and created a Macro from it for my own use because it was working so well. Of course it only works if everyone follows it. Unfortunately the Alliance have a real problem following even the simplest plans for some reason, at least in my battle group they do, but if most people do, it will work. The way I have it, due to size, it is a 2 part Macro but the second part is optional.

This is the first (Main) Macro, I named this one AV-1:

/bg 2. GRP 4 CAP FrostWolf GraveYard and Defend!
/bg 3. GRP 5-6 Cap Tower Point
/bg 4. GRP 7-8 Cap IceBlood Tower and kill Galv if possible for extra honor!

Here is the second (Optional) Macro, I named this one AV-2:

/bg DO NOT DEF Stonehearth GY... so they CAN NOT rez at RH
/bg Report AFK

If you are going to use both they are meant to be hit one after the other. If you don't know how to put this into a Macro, it is easy following the steps below.

1. Type /macro in chat to open the Macro program.
2. Click on "New"
3. Select a icon for, and name, your Macro
4. Save it
5. Paste the above AV-1 text into the Macro (Everything starting with /bg)
6, Repeat for AV-2
7. It is automatically saved so just drag the icon into your tool bar.

You're done.

Good Luck :)



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