Monday, June 29, 2009

The Deadmines 6/29/09

I ran someone through the The Deadmines 4 times today, trying to get Cruel Barb to drop, it didn't. I have been through The Deadmines over 100 times and I have only seen it drop 4 or 5 times, it is a pretty rare drop. I have also run people through who have gotten it on their first run, it is all a matter of luck.

The Deadmines is located in Westfall and I think you get the quests to go in there around level 15. The main quest is to kill Edwin VanCleef, the Defia's Kingpin, and bring back the Head of VanCleef.

You enter The Deadmines in Moonbrook. There are mobs to deal with as soon as you enter the instance, the first boss is Rhahk'Zor the foreman. He always drops a blue item, Rhahk'Zor's Hammer. When you kill him the door behind him opens automatically, beware when anything opens automatically, it means a patrol is going to come up behind you.

After going through that door you deal with some more mobs, and off to the left there is a little tunnel, go in there are see if Miner Johnson is there. He is a rare elite. You can tell a rare elite because they have a silver dragon around their portrait instead of a gold one. He can drop Miner's Cape and Gold-plated Buckler which are blue items. He is not always there, hence 'rare elite'.

From there you kill some more mobs until you get to a door you open, once again there will be a patrol that comes up behind you. That door lets you into the Mast Room. In the Mast Room you have to deal with a bunch of elite goblins that can stun even a level 80. The boss in there is Sneed's Shredder, a robot operated by Sneed. Sneed's Shredder will drop these 2 blue items, Buzzer Blade or Buzz Saw. Sneed will drop Gold-flecked Gloves or Taskmaster Axe also blue items. All of these bosses drop other items but these are the ones people are after. A door will open and a patrol will come up behind you.

From there you kill some more mobs as you work your way to the Goblin Foundry. This is packed full of goblins and it is where most people usually end up giving up. The boss in there is Gilnid, he's the smelter. He will drop Smelting Pants or Lavishly Jeweled Ring, both blue items. On our 4 runs he dropped Smelting Pants 3 times and Lavishly Jeweled Ring once. Killing him causes another door to open and another patrol to come up behind you. You are almost there.

You continue through that door and have to fight more mobs, most of which are not elite. On the left, as you are going along, you will see a tunnel, you need to go in there and grab the Defias Gunpowder which you will use a little farther on to shoot a cannon at a door to blow it open. An elite always comes when you pick up the Defias Gunpowder so be ready for that. Continue down that tunnel until you come to the cannon. Right click on the cannon to fire it. It will blow the door open and some mobs will come running in. Once you kill them you can enter Ironclad Cove. This is where the boat and Edwin VanCleef are located.

You will need to fight your way through some more mobs to get to the ramp that leads up to the boat. You need to watch out here. First there is a treasure chest at the bottom of the ramp that is fake, it is there to draw you over so the 2 stealthed Defias Henchmen at the bottom of the ramp can attack you. As soon as they attack you the next boss, Mr. Smite the ships mate, comes down the ramp and joins in. He gets aggravated pretty easy and stomps which stuns everyone. Depending on how fast you can kill him he may do this once, twice or 3 times. Unless you can one shot him. If you are the correct level to be in there you won't be able to one shot him but most 80's can if you have one running you. He will drop either Thief's Blade, Smite's Reaver or Smite's Mighty Hammer which are blues. He also drops other items that are green or white.

Go to the top of the ramp and go right, you will have to fight mobs the whole way, mobs and their parrots. There is a good chance that a parrot cage will drop while you are in the Deadmines which gives you a parrot for a pet. You will go under a bridge. If you have any low level people with you, keep them away from that bridge. Tell them to stay back. They won't listen and will come up to the bridge causing all the mobs above to come down and kill them, happens every time. You will need to work your way up a series of ramps on the side of the boat until you are on the deck. There you encounter another boss, Captain Greenskin. He does a circuit around the cabin with 2 other mobs. He will drop either Emberstone Staff, Blackened Defias Belt or Impaling Harpoon which are blue items. He will also drop some green and white items.

Now you are ready for VanCleef. He is in the cabin in the center of the deck. He has a bunch of mobs with him that are stealthed so be ready for that. I usually draw him out of the cabin and then use an AoE to take him and his mobs down. He will drop one of the following, Corsair's Overshirt, Cape of the Brotherhood, Blackened Defias Armor or Cruel Barb. Everyone goes for Cruel Barb and it rarely ever drops. There is one more boss to deal with now.

You need to jump off the deck on the opposite side that you can into it on, that will bring you down to the lower deck and probably drop you right on top of Cookie, the ships cook. This is the last boss. Cookie will drop Cookie's Tenderizer or Cookie's Stirring Rod, both blue items, along with some white items. That is it, you are done. You can clean up the reast of the mobs on the lower deck if you want, or just go down the ramp towards the exit. There are some more mobs off to the right on your way out if you want to kill and loot them.

That's pretty much The Deadmines in a nutshell.

Good Luck :)



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