Friday, June 12, 2009

Eye of the Storm 6/12/09

Today's daily battleground was Eye of the Storm. I decided to do it on Wranngar, he is the only one I really PvP on anymore. Gomorra is just getting too old and tired to PvP :).

We lost the first battle I was in. I don't think it was so much a bad Alliance group, I think it was just a really good Horde group. The people I was fighting with were doing well but we couldn't seem to hold 2 towers. It was a long battle none the less as we kept uncapping Horde towers only to have them come and cap them again. I got a lot of kills and some pretty good honor out of that one even though we lost.

We won the next 4 battles in a row. We 4 capped 3 of them and had a good strong 3 cap going in the other one with a lot of flag running. In all 4 of those battles we beat them by over 1600 points. I thought we were having a good night but I soon saw we weren't.

We lost the next 3 battles we were in. I am not sure what happens but there is a time when it just changes. You go from winning owning to not even being able to hold one tower. I call this phenomenon - Nap time is over. It is the only thing I can think of that makes any kind of sense. I could see if it was EoS weekend but it's not, it's AV weekend. This happens at different times of the day but there is a pattern, it happens around the same times every day. Anyway we managed to hold a tower for most of one of the battles and lost to a 4 cap on the other two.


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