Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mustard Dogs 7/19/09

I only had a little time today so I only did the daily cooking in Dalaran. Today Katherine Lee (41,65), the Grand Master Cooking Trainer in the kitchen of A Hero's Welcome gave me Mustard Dogs!. This is a pretty easy one overall if not too many people are trying to do it at once. You need to pick 4 Wild Mustard from the grassy areas around Dalaran.

The first place I looked for some Wild Mustard was in the courtyard behind A Hero's Welcome. Not too many people know about this spot and I usually get 2 from there, that is all that spawns there at one time. Then I head down to the grassy area where you go down into the Underbelly by the Magus Commerce Exchange. I usually have the 4 I need when I am done there.

I cooked the Wild Mustard up with some Rhino Meat I had in the guild bank to make a Mustard Dog Basket!, which I delivered to Archmage Pentarus (68,41) at Krasus' Landing in exchange for 9g93s, 2 Dalaran Cooking Awards and a Small Spice Bag.

Wrann's Small Spice Bag had 3 Northern Spices in it, not the best haul but not bad for this daily.

Gom's Small Spice Bag had 4 Northern Spices and 3 Old Spices in it, he made out just a little better than Wrann. Really the only thing that is worth anything from these rewards, besides the awards and gold, are the Northern Spices. I use those for cooking the Northrend buff foods.

For anyone new to the daily cooking and fishing quests, as well as a bunch of other daily quests in Northrend, I have a list on the left side of this blog with step by step directions on how to do a lot of them.


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