Friday, August 14, 2009

Don't Buy Gold From Scammers And Thieves

I logged onto Gomorra for a little bit today and started getting stuff out of the mail that was restored and putting it back. The losers even stole and sold the 7 soulbound 20 slot bags I had in the guild bank.... That is sad. I am sure one of these places that you see selling gold all the time in game were behind it, I think they are behind almost all of them. I got a request from one of the gold sellers to advertise on my blog right before my account was hacked. One more reason not to buy gold, if they have no demand then they have no reason to need gold, therefore no reason to steal gold. There will always be losers out there though that are either too lazy or too stupid to make there own gold so they will use them, they will always be in business and always be a problem. It is unfortunate. I will probably get on this weekend and get all my other characters straightened out. I did find out today that they didn't touch my level 36 hunter, Brieanna, they probably figured there was nothing to gain there. I really don't feel like playing anymore. Maybe when this card runs out that will be it.


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